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Pedro Torres


Projekt Point No Point, uskutečněný v kultovní krajině na pacifickém severozápadě, dokumentuje performanci uváděnou speciálně pro kameru, která zkoumá umělcovu subverzivnost těla skrze absurdní a výslovně fyzické akce.

Set against the iconic landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Point No Point documents a performance staged specifically for the camera that explores the artist’s subversion of the body through absurd and explicitly physical actions. By following the subject through an act of transformation into a lighthouse, the artist is re-imagining different beacons, signals, and forces of nature. In these works a sense of awe for the Sublime can come as both homage and parody.

Jennifer Campbell

Born 1976 in Vancouver Canada, Jennifer Campbell now lives and works in Seattle. She completed her BFA-honours at University of Victoria (1998) and completed an MFA in photography at Concordia University in Montreal (2004). Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Dazibao, centre de photographies actuelles (Montreal) and Westspace (Melbourne Australia), Axeneo7 (Gatineau), 4Culture (Seattle) and Galerie B-312 (Montreal).

She took part as well in group shows in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York. She has also taken part in LIVE Biennale in Vancouver where she created a live performance and video piece produced by Grunt Gallery.


Dej mi jméno a začnu existovat. Prázdný papír, prázdné plátno, prázdná obrazovka, ticho…

Give me a name and I’ll exist. Blank paper, blank canvas, blank screen, silence… they are not the restrained void, not the nothing represented. All the names, the mass universe of objects, all the directions, senses and tracks, all voices are there, waiting to be chosen and unveiled, to turn into present and presence, rescued from the thick fog of chaos and memory, which writes in the air the shape of a home.

Pedro Guirao

Born 1972 in Murcia, visual and sound artist, who focus in the last years his work in the research of relations between language, memory and territory, in a more poetical than political point of view, in which his direct and everyday experience with the environment is translated into alternative cartographies. Some of his recent works were shown in Blank_Map.

Wooloo’s New Life Residence. Manifesta 8 (Murcia, Spain, 2010), BSMU / Archivo 02. Manifesta 8 Paralel Events. (Murcia, Spain, 2010), Institute of New Cartography_Experimental Map 01_Berlin. GlogauAIR (Berlin, Germany, 2010), BSMU_banco sonoro de memoria urbana Archivo 1 (Olot, Spain, 2010) and Tracks, Espacio AV (Murcia, Spain, 2009).


Zatímco se nás média snaží přesvědčit, že krize je výzvou, abychom ukázali svou kreativitu nebo se propojili s naší rodinou, v pracovní dny se musíme vypořádat se smíšenými pocity.

While the media try to persuade us that the crisis is a challenge to show our creativity or to meet our family again, in our weekdays we have to deal with mixed feelings: the frustration about not being able to get our life project, the difficulties to live on our own, the decision of going back to our family, the gratitude, and, besides all this, the selfishness and the distrust.

Vanesa Varela

Born in 1970 in Lugo, Spain, Vanesa Varela now lives and works in Barcelona. She is graduated in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Pontevedra, and, at this moment, studies for her PhD degree in the Universitat of Barcelona. She is part of an artist collective ( and of a publishing group (, focused on artist’s books).

Some of her last exhibitions had been in Santander (Picnick Festival), Lima (la Ex-Culpable), Barcelona (homesession, Swallow Gallery, Sala d’art Jove, Drap Art Festival, Off loop festival) and Coruña (MACUF).


Za pomoci trpělivosti, času a práce je proveden „skutečný filmový trik“. Dílo tak balancuje na hraně mezi sisyfovským úsilím a vtipem.

By use of patience, time and labour, a “real film trick” is carried out. The piece balances between Sisyphean desperation and the humorous. It might be seen as an intervention or interference in nature, or maybe as a longing to feel connected to the great landscape. Motholic Mobble is an invented title, and can be described as “the movement between the space we are unable to see and the space we are unable to reach”.

Kaia Hugin

Born in Oslo, Norway, has a background from contemporary dance and studies in art history. Spring 2011 she fulfilled a MA in Fine Arts at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, Norway. In her ongoing series of video pieces Motholic Mobbles, humour and existentialism are mixed together. “The Mobbles” are persistent, detail oriented and do not favour traditional notions of causal relations.

Hugin has showed her work, amongst other places, at Bergen International Film Festival, LOOP in Barcelona, Oslo Screen Festival, Gallery Entrée, Small Project Art Space (solo) and in Le Vigan, France (solo).


Video představuje určitý rituál či možná poctu. Na hrající gramofonovou desku dopadají různé drobné kaménky a objekty, které evidentně někomu patří a generují vlastní nové zvuky.

Juan Diego Tobalina

Born 1982 in Lima, 1982. is a multimedia artist and musician. He has participated in many international exhibitions, as Il.lusionistes (Can Felipa, Barcelona, Spain), Giovanni Artisti (Sassari, Italy), fHm #8 (H2O Gallery, Barcelona), Streaming Festival (Milan, Italy, and Copenhague, Denmark), Inframince (Barcelona and Peru), It´s Alive, Alive (KKKB, Barcelona), The Many Returns (The Private Space By, Barcelona), Asimetría Festival (two consecutive years, travelling around South America countries) and most recently VideoAkt Biennial (Barcelona).

With his music, he has been released in some experimental music compilations by international labels, as AMP (Mexico), Superspace Records (Peru), Ruidismo (Spain), Buh! Records (Peru). He has composed the music for “Still Venice” installation in EME3-Colapso and participated in Zeppelin 2008, both in CCCB (Barcelona), and he had been in charge of the original soundtrack to a live set in Blip! Robótica del Reciclaje, at Fundación Telefónica (Lima, Peru), which is part of the foundation collection.


Transformance je práce, která je zároveň akcí a dokumentací pětiměsíční performance.

Transformance is a video-event-work that activates and documents a five-month duration performance. Over this period of time, Nina Kurtela establishes a daily practice of visiting and witnessing the changes at the building site of the Uferstudios, Wedding, Berlin – the warehouse for the repair of public trams and buses becomes a dance institution. She is spectator to the making of an institution, an art institution, the making of the theatre stage. The camera acts as a witness to her performing/witnessing. The piece emerges as a case study of an individual subject’s encounter with the radical transformations of social structures and operative models within the performing society. The artist is present at the birth of Berlin’s new contemporary dance centre, an institution that will certainly come to play a part in shaping and organizing the dynamic of the city’s dance community. The work emerges in the force field of a commitment to the daily execution of present-ness in relation to the specific context where this act takes place: the building site of the theatre. What unfolds is a 8-minute work with multi-faceted implications. The body is rendered a statue through the changes of time. The screen becomes the performing skin.

Nina Kurtela

Born in 1981 in Zagreb – Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). She graduated visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb and contemporary dance, choreography, context at the pilot project Cooperative Dance Education Centre Berlin at the UdK and Ernst Busch Berlin.

Currently she is working and living on relation between Berlin and Zagreb and thinking and creating in relation between visual arts, video, performance and contemporary dance and choreography.

07 Pedro Torres - Biografie

Born 1982 in Gloria de Dourados, Brasil, is a multimedia artist and independent curator.
His works focus on different subjects but always related to a certain notion of time, distance and language. His works have been shown and screened in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, South America and Korea.
He lived in Berlin in a programme of an artistic residency (2007-08), after a period in Barcelona granted by Marcelino Botín Foundation (2006-07).

As curator he was a co-founder of ‘noo’, an artist-run project with an exhibition space in Barcelona (2007-08), organized the OFF-LOOP Festival (Barcelona, 2009 and 2010) and did some curatings for video festivals and galleries.
Most recently, he launched, an internet based platform conceived to hold online exhibitions of contemporary art.
He lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

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