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„You know, producers don’t usually talk to us like that, so we were really curious about the offer.
Simply put: if we give you the data we have on Victor Fleming, is it possible to know what kind of movie he would make today?
Crazy, right?“

Peter Davis,Movies of Tomorrow

David Přílučík in his last work entitled „Blind Bidding“ takes the viewer to a situation of a generic TED Talk presentation full of techno-optimistic rhetorics, an endless potetial and right decisions.
Peter Davis, a creative professional, a manager and a bureaucrat from Silicon Valley is a mere fictional figure from the no longer existent corporation Worldwide Motion Pictures Group, established by Přílučník to be able to relativise utopian commitments of similar companies.
Přílučník transforms the record of the staged presentation about the digital exhumation of the Hollywood director Victor Fleming into a suggestive narrative. He reinterprets in a disquietening way the developer´s visions, the presentation merges with the digital backstage, a kind of penetrable zone, where the Big Data form unbelievable structures of intelligence in a man. The original work instrument gets out of hand through its unintentional emancipation and initiates unanticipated processes with unanticipated consequences.
In this context the trailer for Fleming´s film, in which David Přílučík cooperated with the programmer of machine learning Peter Švarný, gains many more ambiguous meanings.
Blind Bidding does not speculate about the form of the future but about its contemporary distribution and about those who have the right to manage it. No matter if we consider them as live, dead, human or inhuman agents, they are constantly in the visual field of our everyday existence.

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