Care Crisis is a project connecting art and research and focusing on the phenomenon that has become to be called care crisis. Care crises refers to changes in everyday practices of care within both families and public sphere due to negative economic and labour force changes in the era of neoliberal globalization. While women entered the – traditionally male – realm of paid work, there have been little changes in gender division of labour and the social organization of paid work. These changes meet with the intensive enlargement of capitalism that results in commodification of all aspect of social life, including care. Care crises is manifested in both a deficit of care needed for personal development and social flourishing and a transformation of the social organization of care in terms of its marketization.

This exhibition at Center for contemporary art FUTURA is part of a major project that aims to be a research endeavour which involves diverse fields of knowledge, art being one of them. Art is presented as a research as well as a production of knowledge. But, above all, it is a multidisciplinary project which oscillates between feminism, sociology, economics and globalization studies.


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