The work of Eva Jiřička (1979) examines the limits of an individual, social extent of public space, it confronts different social entities and follows limits and the potential of human relations. She uses experimental and investigative methods. Whereas in her early projects she provokes by turning exhibitionistically away from standards and thereby points out inexplicit limits between the public and private (Ride, 2005 and others), in her later interventions she intentionally concentrates rather on public space as a system of rules and behaviour patterns. She divisively interferes into typically urban environs and situations (cycles Our ornamental gardens, 2005; Someone else’s parked things, 2006-7 and others) and she also messes up the stereotypes of urban behaviour and communication (Gratis punch, 2005; Merkmale, 2007; Ride on Bahnhofstrasse, 2008; Seating plan, 2008 and others). Stressing the subjectivity of narration, communicability and nontransferability of experience is being more and more intensified and the artist oscillates between performance and documentary, her scripts start at expressive visualisation (Fairy tale, 2004) and carry on to more pragmatical depiction of a bare essence of message (Videojournal, 2007 and others) and communication possibilities in itself with emphasis laid on the specificity of its context (Performer San Giovanni Valdarno, 2011; Amsayed is listening, 2011 and others). In a long-term project work with seniors she has been developing the existential extent of issues concerning human life, its finality, relationships, memory and social values ( Eyes like diamonds, 2009; Mr Toman, 2011; I guess I am going to wake up, 2011 and others).

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