The fourth exhibition at Studio Hrdinů entitled Helpmate in a god-forsaken governorate responds to the play Helpmate Walser directed by Jan Nebeský. The play is based on a synthesis of texts by Robert Walser, Walser interpretations and the book “The writer Robert Walser is leaving the literary club” by Gert Hofmann. The exhibition takes place in the spacious exhibition rooms of Studio Hrdinů.

In the evening people on stretchers, which exerted pressure on everybody´s hip joints, lit candles together. After operations, which had left their marks here, soiling the upper flat surface, the hospital fell into a state of disuse for a longer period of time. After rectifying the unclear situation regarding the bone meal from the noses of drunkards there came lively livestock protests which aimed at disclosing all the promised contexts of the process of transverse piling of patients following their soiling of sheets. Beyond the sweat of a nippy night of nearly mortal exploration of dead corporality of displaced fate which lasciviously doomed those who drifted early back on robust inner escalators, a proud worm hissed at an aspen twig (which sounded slimy), at the tube of a pounded handle, whose cadger suffering from an incurable cold stopped the approaching helpmate. As soon as the beam of the food commissary touched the earth, the symbol of crossed cutlery came nearer, the bristle thunder whipped away a plain bonnet from a healed joint and said: „It´s enough that the beds were large enough and objects that people usually put into their pockets get lost in them and their content is included in copying entries in old records and documents.“

Ondřej Vavrečka

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