The exhibition Street event is not a synthetic exhibiton whole of a uniform concept. The authors seem to have maintained the “duplicity” character of the exhibition space and each of them rendered his or her “own” wall. Adéla Taűbelová wallpapered the wall with digitally created illustrations of female figures performing actions which are at the same time contradicted in the accompanying texts. The illustrations are repeated several times in rows and they remind us of large walls pasted with posters and commercials. Whereas Michal Cáb employed the technique of spray and masks to represent the game Tetris, popular in the 1980s and 90s. However, he turned the bricks slightly, so that they cannot fit on top of each other and they just form a disorderly pile.
However, we may find certain connections between the work of the two artists. In the case of the drawings a regular visual order has been maintained, but there is a disaccord between the communication logic of the statements and the depicted nudes, which is emphasized also by being multiplied in series. In case of the Tetris game the logic of the arrangement of bricks has been disturbed and so the sense of the game is lost and it cannot be played. In both works we are confronted with the consequences of some sort of a contradiction, discrepancy or an error in a system which remains hidden.

Matěj Smrkovský

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