Csaba Nemes studied Painting in the Fine Art Academy Budapest, Hungary in 1989 and he finished his doctorate in the same school in 2010, focusing on the political context in the Hungarian contemporary art.

He has shown his work internationally in group and solo shows, including: History in Art (MOCAK, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow, 2011), “Let’s Talk About Nationalism! Between Ideology and Identity” (Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia 2010), Everyday 1956 (Knoll Galerie, Vienna, Austria, 2009)
Nemes’s visual works in 90’s has focused on the social, political and economical changes in Hungary. In this period he was interested in postconceptualism and later on he returned back to the painting as well. His latest artworks based on the everyday political movements and social crises in the society. From 2010 he has made several works about the Romani people’ status and the increasing racism in the contemporary society in Hungary. Lately he works with diffrent media like: paiting, drawing, photo, film, video and animation.

He teaches and lectures at the Art Faculty of PTE, Pécs, Hungary Csaba Nemes lives and works in Budapest.

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