Russian artist Avdei Ter-Oganian is painter, conceptualist and one of representatives of Moscow Actionism from 90’s, contemporary with Anatoly Osmolovsky, Alexander Brener and Oleg Kulik.

In art context he is characterised as hooligan and plagiarist who contravenes any possible ethical standards.

Starting from the exhibition “Towards the Object” (1992) where drunk author was lying on the gallery floor as an art object, later continued his career with the most scandalous action “New Atheist” (1998) at the Art Manezh – during Art Fair, as part of the School of the Avant-Garde project, Avdei taught his students to desecrate Orthodox icons (chopping with an ax and writing swearwords on them). He was accused according to the chapter 282 (Fomentation of Hatred) and was threatened to be jailed, the artist was forced to emigrate.
From 1999 A.Ter-Oganian is living in Prague.

Ivars Gravlejs

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