The artworks of Miklós Mécs – videos, blogs, public events, pedagogical workshops, cooking-events, reactions to exhibitions or artworks by other artists, etc. – all involve a peculiar critical, humorous and -in a certain sense- reclusive or outsider attitude. He often deals with such topics like education, value of money, church, the notion of usefulness in art, institutional system of art (art market, prizes for artists, applications), etc. His diverse projects are joined together with a large net of different blogs. (
He often collaborates with other artists in the form of different artists groups; eg. in the Association of ‘Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World’ founded together with Judit Fischer. According to their manifesto: “Mouth and brain painters, for the most part, do not paint. They mostly rack their brains and talk about art. They render meaningless tendencies laughable, turning them into their own parody. They offer alternative possibilities in place of empty, ostentatious painterliness, and elaborate ideas and plans in the spirit of a mode of painting (art) that is more exciting, honest, open and free.” (
Miklós Mécs received his MA degree in the Intermedia Program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2005. He earned his second diploma in Kindergarten Education from the Teacher Training Faculty of Kecskemét College in 2006. In addition, he has also acquired qualifications as a chef.

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