In recent years, hundreds of thousands have decided to leave Hungary temporarily or perhaps permanently. A very large number of young and middle-aged Hungarians, including a good many intellectuals, have been looking for work, living, and a new home abroad, mainly in Western European countries. Although their countries of choice are different than those of emigrants around the turn of the 20th century, the reasons for their exodus seem to be very similar. Migration is an adaptive response to the negative economic, social and political processes. Historical experience suggests that only a part of those seeking jobs today in foreign countries will return later; many of them will permanently settle in their new home. The curator-artist couple organizing the exhibition has been living in Berlin for nearly two years now. Because of their personal involvement, the exhibition, taking place in their apartment in Budapest, is an openly subjective approach. Featuring different artistic positions, the show addresses issues regarding the motivations, difficulties and consequences of migration.

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