Since 1957, when he got his first camera at the age of fourteen, Bohdan Holomíček has used up over a million frames of cine-film. During the 70’s he gradually developed his specific style of photography on cheap paper, dated and amended with his idiomatic, laconic notations, presented either in form of vast cycles at exhibitions, or in albums presented, or given to, his friends. In 1974, he also became the „family photographer“ of Olga nad Václav Havel, as well as many other friends of his, to whom Holomíček’s photographs effectively anticipated social networks. During the 80’s he begins to professionally photograph theatre plays. From the year 2004, he switches exclusively to digital photography. His final publication, „The Václav Album“, accompanies the vast exhibition Havel in Prague’s DOX Gallery. Currently, he is preparing new publications out of his extensive catalogue for Torst publishing house.

Reproduction of publications and photographs by Bohdan Holomíček: Pavel Vančát
Thanks to: Bohdan Holomíček, Viktor Stoilov, Jiří Poláček

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