The project art-words was developed to be a collection of terms common in art language.  The webpage offers the possibility to interactively generate art texts using this vocabulary. In that sense, the website provides a tool for articulation management and helps to achieve incompetence compensation competence.

The collection of “words” is published for public use and by that offer artists an easy way to start working with articulation management. The core part of homepage is a text generator. This software offers the possibility to interactively generate texts using the “words” in our collection:
in a first step the “words” are provided as material to the user, of which he can chose from. In the next step the “words” which were selected by the user
are automatically connected to word arrangements by means of text synthesis.

The user may also expand the vocabulary of the text generator with his own “words” by classifying the grammatical category it belongs to. The generated hybrid text is a simple way of producing an art text and serves a kind of incompetence compensation competence.


  1. Sara Friedman says on24. Feb. 2012:

    I can’t link this onto Facebook. It sends me a different video.
    Can this please be fixed?
    I love the art-words projects.

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