At the exhibition entitled BEAUTY 73 (09), forming the LJUBLJANA TRILOGY together with the last year’s exhibition PARADISE LOST (OPEN CODE) (Kapsula Gallery, 2008) and the exhibition THE PAINTER 73 (Ganes Pratt Gallery), the artist returns as a collector of visual material from the time of his childhood. Here the visual sensibility represents the essential continuation of the artistic language Kariž has already outlined in the beginning, maintaining, developing and unfolding this thread ever since. The artist himself admits that he was, in his youth, a big consumer of popular culture ranging from comics to films.  Popular culture was the key element of crucial impact on the artist’s perception of the image of the world. Collection of 5 paintings is exhibited in the Ganes Pratt Galery and the installation of 16 videos in the Alkatraz Gallery.

Žiga Kariž belongs to the generation of the artists vital for the formation of the Alkatraz Gallery – the generation of the seventies: the generation of hope and great breakthroughs, of the time when life was impregnated with colorfulness, optimism, pre-anticipated nostalgia and the “concept” of society’s development.

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