Tales from the North addresses the persistence of memory and sensitivity to the effects of specific historical circumstances; and in so doing, it is interesting to note how the artists investigate the processes of collective memory formation and reflect the current situation in the North of the UK. Through their selected works, as well as their artistic endeavors in general, one British, one Anglo-Irish and a Welsh artist establish a context relevant to exploring the impacts of historical and ideological factors on the formation of the individual’s identity. In this, their attention is not diverted by such issues as the contemporary politics of Anglo-Irish relations, or national historical discourse, but they instead share a common interest in personal (family) history, and that of the particular environments they refer to in their works or periods marking their lives. The question raised by the project is the ability to treat a delicate personal, historical or national topic in an engaged and simultaneously subtle way, and how this is addressed by these young British artists.

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