Bentronix is a research sonic project or composition for sixteen hybrid low-voltage generators of sound, consisting of resistors, transistors, switches, etc… that under an electronic voltage produce auditory frequencies.

All sixteen generators has different architecture and thus each of them produces particle spectrum, which automatically and with authors intervention produces composition of sound textures.

Generators are connected to six sets, so they can form simultaneous communication with each other and transmit signals to ten sound amplifier connected to the ten speakers in the room. The dynamics of frequency spectrum in this twenty-minute composition, is structured in various mathematical dispositions so it combines sonority of frequency relationships 75Hz : 2Khz: 10kHz.

When the mechanically generated acoustic field reaches certain balance, the concert event transforms in the acoustic environment self-regulating low-tech Machine-to-Machine system. This sound-scape will exists as a separate acoustic space for the next few days, in a gallery.

Without author’s intervention sound field will attempt to achieve mathematical or physical balance that is, due to extreme complexity of sound, very difficult to reach. The tension between author’s intervention in the hybrid instrument and the ‘pragmatism’ of the instrument itself grows specific, synthetic materiality of sound.


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