“BASE 8” is a system that examines the negative spaces between fingers and the motion f hands and arms. Moving structures and abstract geometric forms begin to appear in between fingers or grow out from the hands and arms creating a reactive organic environment.Ljudmila´s Artist in Residence Chris Sugrue ( is an artist and programmer developing interactive installations, audio-visual performances and experimental interfaces. Her works often combine digital and physical elements and have investigated topics such as artificial life, eye-tracking and electromagnetism. BASE 8 was developed by Chris Sugrue at Ljudmila´s Artist at Residence program (16 May – 11 July).

Chris Sugrue: Base 8

There is no definite boundary between real and virtual space that would inform the human brain when it perceives the difference between the material world and the world of illusion. The eye’s pupil is left to a strange set of coincidences that are only partially dependent on the physical properties of the materials. Perception is constantly altered by distractions and deformations that arise from the extremely flexible characteristics of the eye which sharpens and then blurs the viewed object. Each new experience triggers a set of associations, memories, and learned categorization systems.



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