I joined several artworks in this video, whose connection is mostly of being “neighbors” at Biennale.American artist Cindy Sherman is participating with work titled Untitled. Walls are covered with pigment printed on phototex, an adhesive fabric. Each mural shows huge dimension female figure, Sherman as always, dressed-up as an outlandish character: as a pin juggler in a festive, silky jumpsuit, a unitard, sport socks and trainers; dressed in a naked female body suit, holding a sword erect; outfitted as a tap dancer; a middle-aged women in a floral dress, gardening gloves and cross trainers; as well as classic woman in a full-length, red sequined number. Sherman figure is captured in color and it is juxtaposed against black and white backdrops reminiscent of classic landscape paintings.

Pipilotti Rist, from Switzerland, presents three works titled Laguna, Prisma and Antimateria. Works are video projections on framed paintings that show old Venetian landscapes, like Canaletto’s. Video projections presents typical Rist’s image: colorful, poetical and dramatical.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, shows work titled Others. It is replica of his participation at Biennale in 1997 and it contains two thousands of Taxidermized pigeons.

Nathaniel Mellors, UK, presents work titled Hippy Dialectics (Ourhouse).

This double-headed animatronic sculpture features two versions of the ‘daddy’ character, one blue and one yellow – connected by a ribbon of hair. They lead short but schizophrenic dialogue.



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