Various women artists are including their own face as an iconographic object and symbol bearer in their art works, or using the face of others, the former photographic portrait, transcending into the moving image. This video series addresses variant meanings of the woman’s face in a context of women’s issues when embedded in a socio-cultural heritage. The face can be seen as more then a signifier of our cultural norms, in the context of women often foregrounded not only as indicator for individual remembrance, not only associated to cultural norms such as beauty stereotypes, objectification of commodified women in advertisements, and not only as a surface for self-creation when mirroring the self to others, but read as political text and statement in a broader context. All videos in the selection are part of the online video archive

Video Evenings are screenings of video selections prepared by various invited artists, curators, institutions, associations and festivals and are organized by Kolektiva Institute every last Tuesday of a month in Photon Gallery, Ljubljana


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