From 18 March until 24th April 2011, a world-renowned Belgian multidisciplinary artist, writer, director and choreographer Jan Fabre presented his work in Ljubljana again. The FABRE IN LJUBLJANA project took place between 18 March and 24 April 2011, focusing on Fabre as a visual artist (three exhibitions at the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana) and a theatre and dance artist (director, playwright, choreographer, set designer as well as selector and lecturer). There was also a performance of his theatre spectacle Prometheus Landscape II (which premiered in January 2011 in the USA) on 19th and 20th April at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana.

There were three exhibitions in three different galleries of the Museum of the City of Ljubljana where Fabre presented his work through installations, drawings and photographs of his performances, documented by masters of the 20th century photography, such as Helmut Newton and Robert Mapplethorpe. A selection of places and manner of presentation was left to the artist, the exhibition was curated by Katrien Bruyneel.

As Ljiljana Stepančič wrote in an exhibition catalog: ˝Jan Fabre has established himself as a credible artist of his time. He did not deny the rich sensuality and conventional art materials such as the vast majority of his contemporaries. He didn’t avoid significant unsolved issues in science, art and society. He also did not go the way of the political activism. He hasn’t documented the social injustice and existential trauma, without a comment. He also didn’t reject strong feelings of disgust and enthusiasm that burst from the conflict, obscenities, unexpected and unusual.

Exhibitions at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, Gallery Vžigalica and Gallery 001 are Fabre’s big ‘comeback’. ˝Borrowed Time˝, ˝Umbraculum˝, ˝Carnival of the Dead Street Dogs˝ and ˝Catacombs of the Dead Street Dogs˝ are presenting the artist both retrospectively and also through recent works. ˝Borrowed time˝ is the series of the photos of his performances, taken by photographic masters of the second half of the twentieth century. They are special metamorphosis, when one medium enters another one and when the work of one artist becomes the work of another. ˝Umbraculum˝, ˝Carnival of the Dead Street Dogs˝ and ˝ Catacombs of the Dead Street Dogs˝ are ambient installations which, through metamorphosis, take the viewers to experience new experiences, such that they can not in everyday life.˝


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