For the young employees of Lehman Brothers, the American company was much more than just a job: it was an identity that constituted their professional and private lives. „Lehman Boys“ portrays the personal development of some former employées who were at the beginning of their careers. The exhibition examines their personal fates and impressions. Through individual portraits, it provides a general picture of the identification with the company and of its value system.

They made us believe we were the best – obviously we weren’t because we went bankrupt, but they had convinced us. The culture was all about helping each other. The Motto used to be ‚One Firm‘, it doesn’t matter if you are on advising, in Capital Markets, in trading. It was all about the firm. I think they did it quite well. The testament to it is that we all kept in touch, there is a strong alumni network and all of us have been placed in good jobs.

Ali (Lehman Boy)

The quotes are taken from one-hour interviews with each of the ‘Lehman Boys’. The exhibition is the first stage of a project that will diver deeper into the matter. The photographs have been taken with a Hasselblad on film.


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  1. Johannes hasta napsal17. bře. 2012:

    You vergot all those Smart lehman girls

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