PFUJ! YUCK! AHA! WOW! (MÖH? FUI! ÖÄK! OSSA!) The Classics of Estonian Contemporary Art focuses on the nodal works of Estonian contemporary art by exhibiting the legendary art works from the 1990s that to agreat extent define the general understanding of visual arts in present day, 21st. century Estonia. We come from our own past and the present situation and position of Estonian contemporary art for the general audience is to aconsiderable degree the product of developments in the 1990s. In the context of our national culture and visual self-consciousness, the idea of contemporary art is still very much based on phantom works. Some of these have been seen by only a small minority, but there are many who take an expert position in internet comments. We want to exhibit these mythological works again and invite the audience to view them afresh and to re-evaluate them in the present context in a critical manner. Isn’t it about time that we got over the 1990s and moved on?


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