Artishok Biennale is an experimental exhibition format that was brought to life in 2008 in Tallinn, initiated by a vacuum in the noughties art criticism. 10 cutting edge young artists, 10 cutting edge young critics, and 10 intense exhibition days with a new show presenting one work of art and ten reviews opening up each morning. The aim was to create a kind of simulacra of an ideal art world in which all its components would be presented at its best: bravehearted artists diving into the waves of criticism, critics with variety of taste preferences and world views and – last but not least – an audience ready for a challenging exhibition experience. X x X x X. In Saturday, all this will be open for the first time in full capacaty – 10 exhibitions, 10 artists, 10 new works, 10 art critics, 10 texts!

Participating critics: Saara Hacklin (FIN), Indrek Grigor (EST), Marian Kivila (EST), Mihkel Kunnus (EST), Oliver Laas (EST), Meelis Oidsalu (EST), Šelda Puķīte (LVA), Gregor Taul (EST), Annika Toots (EST), Triin Tulgiste (EST).

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