““Everyday Masculinity” for me is an attempt to turn to family matters. It is the ability (at times, total inability) to think calmly about my grandma, whose nine children did not want to (and could not) stay in the house built by my granddad, and not to sneer at brothers-in-law who somehow end up in the front row of all family pictures. “Everyday Masculinity” is an attempt to give up on the males-females division once and for all, as this division does not really lead anywhere. It helps to understand little, it rather veils something,” writes the artist.

Since earning a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Painting of the Art Academy of Latvia in 2002, Rasa Jansone has taken part in several group exhibitions, as well as holding four solo shows: “The Secret Life of Snow-White” (2004),  “Creatures” (2006), “Mama’s Hopes” (2007), and “Rear-view Mirror” (2011).

Since the very beginning of Rasa Jansone’s artistic activity, the presence of problem questions based in Feminism can be felt: the role of women and the terms surrounding it (exhibition “Woman’s Day,” 2008), models of relationships (solo show “Mama’s Hopes,” 2007), as well as sexuality and social status from historical perspective (exhibition “The Festival of Adonis,” 2002). She is among the very few Latvian women-artists, who, based on her life experience and observations, dares to reflect on the social status of women and various questions related to human existence. In the exhibitions of the last few years – “Urbanchildren” (2010), “Rear-view Mirror” (2011) and “Everyday Masculinity” (2012) – Rasa Jansone has turned particular attention to memory, investigating its emotional allure and rational ambiguity.

The artist has developed a recognisable artistic handwriting: clear, mostly bright fields of colour, brave and vital brush or palette imprint, tonal or contrasting interplay with the bare streaks of underpainting, simplified and laconic compositions, where only the essential has been retained, and well-balanced coloration. In addition to painting, the artist has sporadically turned to creating objects and installations. Since 2008 she has included various 3-dimensional objects on the picture plane – toys, graters, bones – to expand the expressive potential of the traditional medium.



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  1. 2046 napsal08. bře. 2013:

    I love the way she speaks .. totally awesome.. so melodic and rhythm full

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