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Marija Radoš


I DANCE DANCE DANCE je série performancí, ve které Smiljanić pracuje s různými jevy a vztahy v rámci komplexního systému soudobé kultury (např. postavení umělce v tomto systému hierarchie a vzájemná závislost jeho součástí) přizváním lidí z různých společenských okruhů, aby vybrali hudbu pro její tanec.

I DANCE DANCE DANCE is the performance series in which Smiljanić deals with various phenomena and relations within a complex system of contemporary culture (e.g. the position of an artist in this system’s hierarchy or the interdependency of its subjects), by inviting people from certain social contexts to choose music for her dancing.

Since the first performing in 2007, I DANCE DANCE DANCE was realized in the Center for Cultural Decontamination and the KONTEKST Gallery in Belgrade, Gallery of Contemporary Art in Pančevo, BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen, La Centrale Electrique in Brussels, the Museum of Contemporary Art Istria, Stara tiskara in Pula, ISCP Gallery in New York, VN Gallery in Zagreb, Moderna galerija, City Museum in Ljubljana, National Museum Gallery in Vranje and Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava. Depending on a play-list length, the performance lasts 50–190 minutes.

This performance took place on Nov 24th 2009 in ISCP Gallery in New York. Music for the performance was chosen by well known characters and emerging artists of the New York art scene. The performance was a part from A Dense Dance exhibition with András Cséfalvay.

Ivana Smiljanić is Serbian visual artist, performer and dancer. Born in 1980, in Belgrade. Graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where she achieved her Magister Degree as well. The latest solo shows are “You’ll Remember Me” in NOVA Gallery, Belgrade and “That’s the Real Ivana Smiljanić” in Prozori Gallery, Zagreb (both in 2011) and the I DANCE DANCE DANCE performance was recently done in Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava and National Museum Gallery, Vranje (2011). She is the Serbian representative for Henkel.Art.Award.2011 as well as the winner of Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award in 2009.


Milostná hra na trávníku s hororovými prvky.

Miloš Tomić

Born on 05. 02. 1976. in Belgrade.
At the end of elementary school he started doodling, coloring, collecting objects from the street, photographing, playing some music…

During high school he went to „Kvadrat“ film school run by Zoran and Svetlana Popović.

1993–2002 Contributor of the „Beautiful Rhythm of the Heart“ radio show.
2000 Successfully completed a partner dance course at the Russian Culture Home.
2001 Graduated at the Academy of Art (Directing major) in the class of Miša Radivojević.
Finished graduate studies of animation in Prague, at Famu, in the class of Petr Skala.
Was a guest student in Madrid and Berlin.

Currently at the doctoral studies, thesis on „Preciousness of discarded objects, i.e. trash as the material for film, photography…“


Žvýkání a plivání (Ž&P) je práce, která se zabývá v poslední době častým výskytem poruch příjmu potravy.

Chewing and Spitting (C&S) is a video piece that deals with a subject of a newly emerged eating disorder. The affected person chews the food but doesn’t swallow, thus satisfying the natural hunger craving and taste receptors, whilst avoiding the consequences of regular food intake – consumption without absorption. The emotional process underlying this disorder is different to those found in anorexia and bulimia nervosa patients -emotional suppression and feeling of an enormous emotional emptiness – mostly in intensity of emotional tension > fetish-object and pleasure-fear. The phenomenon of C&S is be recognized as an ideologically and socially conditioned behavior developed in a society of global consumption – one that glorifies hedonism and pleasure of consuming, but also imposes the media construct of ideal body.


Marina Marković

Born in Belgrade, Serbia,1983. Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts of the Belgrade University of Arts. One of the founders of the Third Belgrade independent artists‘ association. Participated in numerous solo and collaborative exhibitions both locally and internationally. This year’s laureat of Young Visual Artist Award .


Milostný trojúhelník tří igelitových tašek ve větru.

05 Marija Radoš - Biografie

Marija Radoš (1977) graduated from Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade – Art History Department. Since 2005 works within Remont – Independent Artistic Association, Belgrade (

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