Discussion between Kajsa Dahlberg and Khalil Joreige reflecting on their exhibitions at huntkastner and tranzitdisplay, focusing on issues of fragile temporalities of analog and digital media, their anchoring in specific periodic contexts and modes of overcoming such barriers. Dahlberg will present her new long-term archiving project of mental and physical movements in the internet environment preserved on 16mm film, which she inaugurated in her exhibition “In My Sight, Every Day; In My Hands, Every Day” in Prague. Joreige will shed light on the context of research of spam e-mails in relation to their historical predecessor, the so-called “Jerusalem Letter”. Joreige had worked on this research project together with Joana Hadjithomas since the late ‘90s, and presented their findings in the exhibition “I Must First Apologise…” and in the book “The Rumours of the World: Rethinking Trust in the Age of the Internet”.

Kajsa Dahlberg
is a visual artist and has been a research fellow at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm since September 2016. In her artistic work, Dahlberg is interested in how our understandings of the collective is formed. This involves a concern with how stories are constructed and conveyed in order to create a sense of community. Dahlberg’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Germany, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark, Parra & Romero Madrid, Spain, Lund Art Hall and Index in Stockholm. Her work has also been shown in group shows and at biennals such as 8 Bienal do Mercosul, Brazil, Based in Berlin, Germany. Manifesta 8, Spain and the Modern Museum in Stockholm.

Khalil Joreige
is a Lebanese film-maker and artist, working together with Joana Hadjithomas. Their collective practice interweave thematic, conceptual and formal links through photographs, video installations, fictional films and documentaries. Their films and artworks develop narratives out of stories kept secret in the face of the prevailing history. They are interested in the emergence of the individual in societies made up of communities, and the difficulty of living in the present. Alongside numerous exhibitions, Hadjithomas and Joreige’s work was also acquired by public and private collections, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Centre Georges Pompidou, etc. They are currently nominated for The Marcel Duchamp Prize.

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