Petra Tejnorová was born in 1984 in Tábor. She creates both authorial theatre projects and guest-directions. At present she also works at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of Theatre Faculty. She examines various possibilities of a relationship between an actor and audience, she is seeking a new role for theatre in today’s world, she experiments with physical and documentary theatre and theatre conventions. She created very dissimilar productions: in Pilsen’s Alfa she directed a play about adolescent world TEĎ 55 31 13 já, in Dejvické divadlo in Prague MODROVOUS/SUOVORDOM and in Prague’s alternative theatre Alfréd ve dvoře she presented unusual text collage called I AS ON ME DE A or a study of violence and manipulation mechanisms My Funny Games in Disk theatre. At present she is working on authorial film Kniha o plánu (Book about plan).

When choosing three outstanding theatre personalities, I took into account the authenticity and inovation of their theatre language which breaks ranks with the predominant stream of both drama theatre and „kind“ alternative theatre. Their authorial attitude resigning from existing ideals or literary originals fascinates me as well. I am captivated by changeable grouping of Handa Gote and their free and open approach to a theatre form using recycled lo-fi technologies and techniques that negate all expensive effects and technologies. The director Jiří Adámek is exceptional due to his precisely conceived and in essence very modest version of original music theatre. The director Petra Tejnorová offers an authorial language coming out both from a sphere of so-called documentary theatre and a collective production changeable in styles and genres. Tejnorová indulges in not getting to the end, limit physical actions and often brutal scenes.

Lukáš Jiřička



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