A French equivalent of a place for night disco party is boîte – a case or a box in other words. It isn’t necessary to present a discotheque in boxes of a room size today, the place is deforming and transforming into a play with an effect somewhere in the middle of a silicon heaven of our homes. The outside locks inside, the light fades away, the body movement disappears. We are being drifted not by an obtrusive melody of popmusic but by a certain kind of inaudible rattle, we let the rectangular altars on our desks to illuminate us, we dance inside, perfectly connected with the outer world. The stress is also being laid on design and applied function. These fast changing architectures substitute functions of wardrobes, storages, purposeless archives, they personify the vision of the future. However when mechanically uncovered, their masks will be dropped, the memory will be erased and a black hole of the physical underside will be activated. Only dust as a metaphor of the lost faith will remain.


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