In a new exhibition entitled Men in the Garden Prague based painter Daniel Pitín transports us to a special world suggestive of backstage film sets or the wooden huts of a garden colony.

In the exhibition, the artists combines painting, collage, sections from a personal diary from the 1960s, video and architecture, completely transforming the gallery space thorough the use of wooden panels, boards and various materials and props.

„I was inspired in this exhibition by studio film set designs and constructions. I am also fascinated by how people manage to inexpensively construct garden huts or bungalows. They find some materials and then use them to put together a roof, or a table. These buildings are thrown together from various materials, which previously had another function and history. I work in much the same way; I find various images from films, or from my surroundings, which I then compose into the space of the painting. I imagine a world that is deconstructed and then rebuilt into a new composition and complex; a world where everything is in continual movement and mutual confrontation. The wooden huts, and the way in which they are slapped together from various panels and lumber, remind me of the principal of how our memory works. It is also determined by what has lodged itself there in the past – these memories then become rearranged and move towards the front of our consciousness, where they are confronted by our current perception. For me, Men in the Garden is a metaphor for our collective memory: they stand in a (un)protected place in the garden, always on the lookout for something or someone“.

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