The exhibition Bad Society concerns with a historical and political reflection of the 1990ies in Slovakia. It is an attempt to sum up different, politically committed approaches on the basis of which, not just in a given historical context (Slovakia, 1990ies, Mečiarism, etc), it is possible to distinguish various strategies of a politically committed artwork – for example an explicit commentary or an event (Murin, Kalmus, Rafa, Rónai, Piaček) in contrast to a reflexive, abstract and thus more general and visually mediated message (Rafani, Nimcová, XYZ). A separate part of the exhibition is the Deposit – an archive of documents but also a set of busts of Slovakian statehood founders from the Slovakian National Museum collection.

The exhibition is a part of a wider conceived discursive platform Memory Control/Mečiarism whose equivalent parts are also discussions, theatre (an instant opera Lesť rozmyslu), history research and texts, which is an important fact to understand the base of it.


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