In October, the city of Ljubljana will transform into the City of Women. The common denominator for artists and other guests, hosted in the spirit of this year’s festival motto – Abracadabra! – is the “magic” of the outlived and non-functional patriarchal patterns, socio-political conventions and moral and ethical norms and values that sometimes prefer something more abstract and elusive than an individual human being – namely, the “magical power” of religion, ideology and political beliefs, which can serve to liberate an individual or transform them into a tool for manipulation and enslavement in the name of consumerism, (neo)capitalism, religious fanatism, craving for money, lust for power, authority and control. A rich festival programme offering everything from concerts, exhibitions, children’s programme, dance performances, performances, lectures, workshops, discussion panels and meeting with the artists…
Abracadabra! Let the magic begin.



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  1. 2046 says on08. Feb. 2012:

    Man! I almost pee my self, that is soooo funny.:)

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