Roman Štětina invites us via the exhibition in Jelení Gallery to the world which forms an essential part of his everyday reality. He brings us to the Studio – a radio broadcasting environment that most of us know just from hearsay. There he works as a radio reporter and a director but also as a technician and a musician. He transmits his concern in sound and radio environment into a visual creation as well. He examines sound means of expression and its ability to intermediate a visual experience to the listener. He proves his strategies in radio interventions Nocturne and the video Rehearsal Studio. He uses them fully in his work Studio and its presentation involving the space of Jelení Gallery. A wall dividing the exhibition space is changing into a veil of Pythagoras, a barrier which deepens the viewer’s concentration and stirs up his imagination. At the same time it represents walls of a hermetically sealed radio studio and its parallels in a form of an artist’s studio – a place where pictures often reflecting the outer world are created. An imaginary third space where the viewer could go through a direct sound experience related to a haptic perception is missing. Roman Štětina makes also an attempt to intermediate this experience to the viewers when inviting them to visit together a radio studio in Pilsen – the set of a presented video but also a real room where carpets mean air.


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