The exhibition AUTOMATIC VIEW takes its origin from and is represented as a monothatic and focused dialog of two artistic individualities, a photographer and a painter. For both of them, whose work is mainly known for traditional techniques and its qualities, the exhibition gives, one might even say – a possibility to increase the creative approach and drive to more conceptual and systematic way in terms of artists’ methods.

All parts of the project in general could be considered as a certain documentation or transposition of the concrete public space areas in a manner of shooting, framing and seeing. The Emergency exit series consist of ten looks to almost the same parts of interiors in a skyscraper. As of a viewer, he is confronted by empty, substitutive and a bit nostalgic reality which is captured in the most skillful way. The only change he can follow, however outside of the image – is a photographer’s vertical travel within the hotel floors, as if common emergency evacuation was shown. We can see the same precision in a nostalgical ambience of the movie projection Broadcast. It consists of a short of mechanical captures taken every 30 minutes during one day, shot on 8 mm film without using a tripod. Caused changes of the light, as a day turns to night, throw us back to stereotypical vanity, at the same time camera movement let us feel a spectator‘s attendance. It seems that funnel-shaped symmetry of the building in the middle of a dull observation tries to affirm the unforgettable of the once seen landscape from the position of a viewer.


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