A week of unrest – the Czech academic community protests against education reforms of the present minister Josef Dobeš. Students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague have joined the nationwide initiative by an event called Night at the Academy of Fine Arts which is going to be commented on by the vice chairman of the Academic Senate Roman Štětina together with Janek Rous. The rector of the Academy Doc. PhD. Jiří T. Kotalík Csc. will sum up the existing problematic situation concerning the introduced reforms and the chairman of the Academic Senate MA Tomáš Vaněk will comment on the current chaotic measures taken by the minister of education Josef Dobeš.

The rector Jiří T. Kotalík has commented on possible changes that would come into effect after accepting the current version of the education reforms: „If the law concerning financial grants came into effect in its current version it would have a zero impact on students of the Academy of Arts and wouldn’t bring about anything. It will not help our school and furthermore it will complicate studies for the students who had already graduated at another school. These students will have to deal with the problem whether they can take out a loan and whether they can afford getting into debt. What can affect our school even more are some details of the introduced reform. For example, it presupposes all teachers to have a doctor’s degree (Ph.D.) but this is absolutely ridiculous because at art schools such a degree is regarded as something exceptional. This would make the process of the professorial staff alteration really difficult and would mean an arrival of new pedagogues with non-academic backgrounds. This would return us to the past when the lecturers in fact „sat out“ their posts at the university. Then there is a huge discord with the code of employment as it is reckoned that in the future all employment contracts would be signed for an indefinite period of time. This is a problem as some academic projects are time limited. It would be an absurd situation because anyone employed by our school could in fact stay employed until his death since the reform does not state how to terminate such employment contracts. These are just few issues showing how difficult things might become at the Academy of Fine Arts.“

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