“This exhibition concept deals with the localisation in general. Different systems of order of cartography are being layered upon each other, cross-faded and mixed up in order to become “useless” in the conventional sense. Finding your way in the sea of lines, personal, most personal places, the own body or rather the own hand becomes a map in which time and space is registered. In one work the print of the hand becomes an island, a mountain or a projection surface. An accumulation of simple crystals evolves into mountains, the sea into sky and by virtue of reflections once again to the sea. A „built“ horizon becomes a line which by aggrandisement turns out to be a structure, an island again.

Vice versa a line-drawing plainly becomes a line, the horizon, which produces a guideline in space where new maps can be relocated and videos divided and reflected.

The horizon as a line par excellence.

Hence, central themes are the sea, mountains and crystals in which a whole universe seems to unfold itself, just alike in my hand drawn by lines. My focus lies on similarities on a small as well as on a large scale since a crystal can be a huge mountain or even a universe. Just like the sea can turn into sky and again into the sea and once again into sky…“



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