Daniela Baráčková (1981) is an artist of many forms and topics – events, installations and paintings shape stories and symbolical gestures whose surprisingly objective metaphors are open to numerous possible interpretations. That goes especially for installations of paintig series (I wanted to paint 40 Jews praying before the flight departure, 2007; I am afraid of castle guard, 2009 etc.) In her pronounced position she studies relationships and connections in her natural radius or which spontaneously come into her life and she links them with generally rooted symbols. Her events and installations are often contextual and peculiarly related to a specific environment which is intimately familiar to her (Černá Hora, 2009; On the Street 74, 2010 etc.). A distinctive line is presented by videos and video installations based on human relations, communication and current life situations (Country Man, 2006; To be, to live, inhabitant, apartment,… 2009; „It took me a long time…“ 2009 etc.) In projects where she seizes social issues with distinctive and rather ironical agitation and sometimes almost theatrical physical engagement, a deliberate tension emerges between the way of the story telling, completed form and multisense contents and contrasts the generally known with an unexpected point of view. She engages in social interaction, politicized performances in public space and intermediation of her own experience (Magic Garage, 2008; Unce Upon a Time a Birch, 2009 etc).

Text: Mariana Serranová


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