„Their main aim is to have an show, to be invited but nothing more!” says Stefan Tiron about visual artists in Bucharest in contrast to activities of a currently dispossessed National Centre of Dance in Bucharest (CNDB).

The report first of all reveals a wider social context in Rumania, its own perception, the importance of Bucharest street dogs and dishonest machinations in spreading misinformation of big companies. Unfortunately the local society just stands by the most aggressive development of capitalism in Europe. An outline of civil society which is slowly beginning to develop can be seen in radical interventions of CNDB dissolved by the state. One of the most crucial performancies 2012, Ultima Apocalipsa by Florin Flueras, Ion Dumitrescu and Iuliana Stoianescu was described by the cultural critic and curator Stefan Tiron.

Stefan Tiron (b. 1976) writes currently on the subjects of music, clubs, comic books, fashion, movies, Japanese underground, mass and popular culture for the following periodicals and platforms: Arhitext Design, Octogon Art & Architecture, IDEA Art & Society, the parasitic mag Tura_bar,, Re:publik, Imago, Archis, Praesens, Springerin, Target Trash, Observatorul Cultural, Igloo: habitat si arhitectura, Games on three inches, Cotidianul Weekend supplement, Rocka Rolla, Intermedia, Artelier, SUNETE, Underconstruction (Berlin Database),,,,,

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