Window to the VVP AVU Video Archive

Vladimír Havlík has engaged in performance art since the early 1980s. He made three films at that time (Fragments, He Cut His Hair and Jestrdej) that were exhibited for the first time in 2009 on the impetus of Barbora Klímová in the Parallel gallery in Prague. Jestrdej (1983), a silent black-and-white film bordering on video performance about the small everyday mysteries with classic film gag elements, accompanied by commentary in which he reflects upon his position at that time as an “Olomouc performer”. Thus the work Yesterday (1983– 2008) was created that opens a regular presentation of videos from the AVU Research Center video archive.

Vladimír Havlík (*1959) is a performance artist and painter living in Olomouc where he teaches at the Palacký University; since 2006 he has collaborated with Barbora Klímová.


In the Window to the Archive programme the AVU Research Center in Prague (VVP AVU) in conjunction with Artyč is regularly releasing works from the VVP AVU video archive (go to The selection for Artyč focuses on older works (materials from the end of the 20th century), works bordering on video art, film and documentation, or on purely documentary materials related to the recent development of Czech and Slovak visual art.



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