To mark the Danish presidency of the EU, the National Theatre’s New Stage will present two original Danish projects in April and May: the National Theatre’s piazzetta will host the poetic performance piece REFLECTION, framed by the glass house installation Kolonihavehus. From April 17th to May 8th a glasshouse created CoreAct in collaboration with the American artist Tom Fruin will be installed at the piazzeta. The colourful house glows with the warmth and inviting atmosphere of a cottage house, a surprising element in a public space. From April 17th to 24th the performance Reflection will take place, framed by the Kolonihavehus setting of happenings organized by the Danish group CoreAct (Anika K. Barkan and Helene Kvint). Performances start from 5 pm to 8 pm – come anytime that suits you best. Entrance is free of charge. Come in and have a new reflection.

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