This joint exhibition by the artists Otto Zitko (b. 1959, resident in Vienna) and Pavel Hayek (b.1959, resident in Brno), set up by the Brno gallery owner Karel Tutsche will present two artistic positions which differ but are at the same time complementary. The link between them is not a demonstrative expression of the monarchist relationship of Brno to Vienna; Pavel Hayek invited Zitko as a creative kindred spirit. The compositions in Hayek’s pictures are only compositions to the same extent that Zitko’s gesture is a true gesture. In this context Barbara Steiner talks of Zitko’s compound gesture and Jiří Valoch about Hayek’s composition-free pictures – structures sui generis. This structural aspect is the great connection between the two artistic approaches. Zitko’s endless line overgrowing the pictures and interior walls of the House of Arts, and Hayek’s floorplan-specific structures which are “themselves” placed into the position of a design.

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