Current works of Slavomíra Ondrušová and Lucia Tallová are related by the same starting points in their theme and to some extent also by their approach – an intimate storytelling. In their previous exhibitions both artists chose independently of each other the theme of rain and rain drops as a symbol of their narration but with different denotations. Whereas one of them runs the night rain in watercolour, the other one depicts the sharp one coming straight into a face with a line. Multi- layered interpretation of their work may present a wistful atmosphere of the country, tears but also natural cycle, circulation and monotonous repetition. Both artists automatically repeat the same visual feature – a trace, together with constant rearranging memories and associations, looking for an ideal form and answers. The exhibition project „Won’t stop“ is a logical link between the work and themes of both artists communicating together through their common installation, continuing each other’s stories and responding not only to their own work but also to the exhibition place and its particularity. The represented work at the exhibition will be prepared specially for this project. They will realize fine painting interventions in the form of inscriptions, laces and black drops in the basement of the gallery. These supporting works will complement and mutually link up works of both artists – Slavomíra Ondrušová’s drawings and objects and Lucia Tallová’s watercollours and lighboxes.

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