“What’s Up?” Informal as the question is, the situation it concerns is very complex. What is it that interests our artists today?  To what extent are the problems proposed by contemporary Hungarian artists current, novel or progressive? These questions were the guidelines for the nearly twenty artists we invited to appear in Műcsarnok, with works that reflect on the issues that concern them. As a result, the display brings to you not only the works, but also the creative processes. The exhibition can be understood from other angles as well. If we take a look at the subjects of the artworks, we will find personal stories, the analyses of social occurrences, poetic relationships and the humorous aspects of life. Other works that discuss new forms of aesthetics, seek universal truths, or explore new uses of materials. Interestingly, though these categories are clearly distinct within the exhibition, they do not classify the artists. The various phenomena overlap, and the works often display intriguing parallels or enter into dialogues.

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