By the project Czechoslovakia -Second Life its author has started a new communication with established forms of museum presentations. With his project” Czechoslovakia – A Second Life,” the artist engaged in a conversation with established forms of museum presentation that usually offer the visitor a look at selected segments of cultural history. With this type of exhibition/presentation, museums still more or less stick to established approaches (e.g., traditional display cases or standardized displays). The video installation “Czechoslovakia – A Second Life” is modeled after such museum display cases, although consciously “re-designed” by the artist. As a result, they end up paraphrasing the standard exhibition furniture found in most museums. As an integrated part of the installation, the presence of the digital image in the display case reminds us of the educational films that tend to be part of museum exhibits. The subversive nature of the animation (and of the artist’s interpretation of museum presentations in general) rests in the way he works with time. The animation and the exhibited artifacts are ordinary items reflecting and offering information about the past – except that the things they represent took place in the recent past or even in the present day.

2x comments “TRAUMWERK”

  1. ORAX... says on27. Apr. 2009:

    Peknuo :)

  2. marinko says on27. Apr. 2009:

    no pekne vakulka

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