Jiří David, Ladislav Jakl, Václav Žák, Vladimíra Dvořáková

A series of four lectures followed by discussions, which confront domestic artists, intellectuals, politicians and economists with the fundamental question: What has happened to us in the last twenty “transformation” years since the Velvet Revolution?

Political, economic and historical analyses today reconstruct the course of the transformation period relatively comprehensively. The scope of their interest concerns transformation mainly as a structural transformation of the legal and political system, economy, media etc. The analyses themselves are written and followed mainly by specialists, who for the most part view the transformation changes through the prism of their own specialisms.

In the sense of the psychoanalytical metaphor, these analyses constitute the visible tip of the iceberg.
Nevertheless, experience of transformation is quite existential and it is an experience we have all had in fact. For this reason, the question “What has happened?” seeks a formulation of how to understand the great social, economic and political changes and how to put them into the context of our dreams, visions, experiences and everyday actions.
By means of these discussions we would like to open a debate on how transformation has spontaneously opened and reintroduced fundamental questions on the meaning of human existence and the meaning of social order: How were these questions formulated and answered in the transformation period? What influence did transformation have on daydreams (creativity), the conscious and the unconscious?

With the objective of presenting their angles of view and their interpretations of the changes that have come about in the last twenty years, we invited leading personalities, often with polarized opinions, from specialist fields that rarely enter into direct dialogue with contemporary fine art and contemporary artists. These personalities will present their concepts, which will subsequently cross over into public discussion.

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