The American artist and former resident of the studio programme at MeetFactory is a figuralist who ingeniously hides his figures from the viewer. Kit Reisch creates half-revived sculptures, a kind of kinetic figure – portraits of differently stricken beings and creatures. They are hidden in forms intended for inanimate objects rather than for a human body. Cases and containers partially cover the face of the one
portrayed, but paradoxically reveal other bodily organs and parts that give away different secrets about the figure.

Dušan Zahoranský


Kit Reisch (* 1986) was born in Texas (USA) and now lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. He combines real objects in his work and situates them in artificially created contexts. Mixing objects and digital media, he creates works that exist in a fictitious but plausible reality. He experiments with how far he can change an object without changing it so much that it can no longer be recognised as what it was.

Reisch moved to the Czech Republic in 2009, to observe the parallels of social and racial issues between his native state of Texas and this former Eastern-bloc country. As such, he is interested in how both visual and verbal language shapes the attitudes of a particular place. Architecture, the most readily accessible form of a culture’s collective visual language, has steadily been introducing itself into his work.



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