Since 1st February 2012, a metal frontage over the Observatory and Planetarium Brno entrance will become an nontraditional exhibition place for a light installation called the Swarm created by the multimedia artist and electronic musician Jiří Suchánek from Brno. A matrix from 187 lights fitted beneath a perforated steel plate represents a fragmented music space-time which elementarily formulates – by light spots – actions in the sounding authorial music. The created software works with a digital score on the basis of which it generates light structures. The basic premises of the algorythm are: 1) each light spot means a tone 2) dark means nothing 3) each step means time 4) each light intensity means strenght. The main theme of the artist’s work is his fascination by a simultaneity – running at the same time, mostly also by an invisible stream of datas, ideas, feelings, waves, particles… and so by a shift – offset in such swarming streams.

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