In the solo exhibition Manual Work by artist Sasha Tkacenko in the gallery Nova was presented a new series of works in which the visual methods of deconstruction and reconstruction of everyday phenomena and analyze the phenomenon of violence in contemporary society. The central part of the exhibition refers to the video works Handicraft (2011) and the skull Shooter (2011), which are artistic interventions in different media (images, sculptures, objects) developed in the space installations. Starting from the iconographic matrix associated with the manifestation of the phenomenon of violence at the local and global level. Tkacenko specific approach to this complex subject examines individual motivations, social conditions,  public reaction and problems of personal and social responsibility. The violent act is treated by a scaled-down graphic level as the product of manual labor with the process of creation, despite the marked degree of manipulation by various political, religious or economic ideologies, it controls the crucial one. Exhibition Manual Work is continuing research on the artist’s social ethics in dialogue with the responsibility of the individual.

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