The exhibition FINE ART.D is a presentation of final works of postgraduate students from the University of Fine Arts in Banská Bystrica in 2012.

Wide range of works and different genres show the composition of present postgradute study. The largest representation belongs to painting (Chrienová, Urbanovský, Vaculová, Margetová). Other works present sculpture (Šošková, Trpák, Koléšek) and intermedia (Mináriková, Dudáš) creation. The postgraduate works are products of the theoretical-artistic research of chosen themes realized under the guidance of various supervisors (prof. S. Balko, prof. L. Hološka, doc. J. Sapara, prof. B. Jirku, doc. M. Nicz). By painting interpretation, choice and process of certain “distillation” of visual smog Daniela Chrienová critically explores the world of media images repeatedly thematizing cult of body and beauty (Imperfect images of perfection). Marek Urbanovský, Veronika Vaculová and Viera Margetová, on the ground of autoreferential motives, question the possibility of orientation in “the maze of images of the third millennium”; they also inquire generation of sign in individual mythology and verify normativity of creation of imaginary feature through traditional strategies (trompe l ‘ oeil) and through processes attached to visualisation of media world. The outputs of sculpture studios demonstrate possibilities of sculptures as classical media with responses or reactualization of traditional processes of modernistic shape placed in public space (Michal Trpák). Other works also feature conceptual positions of three-dimensional medium working with features of ready-made, simulated ready-made, live actions, model situations and model situations placed in public space (Nina Šošková). Interactive project from the area of new media Ivana Dudáša thematizes possibility of virtual and simultaneously real revolt against the power of politics/politicians. Jana Mináriková, in her films, points out with humour other worlds differing from our socially established life.

Eva Kapsová



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