The works of Roderick Hietbrink (1975, Netherlands) elegantly link the narrative video space with the real space of a gallery. His main means of expression are videos, video installations and photography. His works often suggestively play with the crossing of certain borders, be the borders represented by a space that is artificial or natural, by the tragical or comical spirit of a harlequin or narrativity or the lack of storyline. Hietbrink’s approach is always based on precise and artistic administration, often distorted by the moment of transgression into an existential feeling of uncertainty and questioning. Nature, wild or forcibly imprisoned in the environment of civilization, sometimes even in revolt, is one of his major topics. In a sense, his work is also a parable, no matter if it is an image of a bush being tortured in a closed space or the melancholy of a harlequin. Perhaps this is related to his general life feeling, nevertheless it is a fundamental feature of his work. Roderick Hietbtrink lives and works in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. His installation in the I.D.A. is his third exhibition in the Czech Republic, but actually his first single one here.

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