Critical Series

Following the airing of the Artbanka segment in May 2012, we decided to gradually publish longer versions of interviews with selected participants. These segments will join the newly created line of critical programmes made for Artyčok TV. Considering the length of the original programme, some of the arguments, thoughts and opinions voiced were not given the attention they rightfully deserved. Some interviewees addressed the issue on a general level, others repeated what had already been said, or simply stated opinions, etc.

Keeping in mind the ongoing discussion regarding the open letter to the Ministre of Culture in which Pavel Sterec voiced his doubts about the meaningfulness of the Artbanka project, we offer the recording of this interview with artist and teacher Jiří David, who is also one of the twelve patrons of the project.




2x comments “Artbank – interview with Jiří David”

  1. hluchavka says on04. Sep. 2012:

    Jestli by neměl dostat možnost takového egobločku každý. “Aspoň že tam nejsou titulky.”

  2. Jan Valik says on13. Sep. 2012:

    celkom súhlas. aspoň prvá polka rozhovoru.

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