I can’t help myself to come already at the very beginning back to this early piece of Jan Haubelt, to which for me actually all the following works are related. This work is called Toby’s vision and in simplified interpretation may be summed up under the words trophy vs. animal, representation vs. reality. This Toby’s autistic diagnosis, which makes visible the full problematics of seeing and knowing, the problematics of representation, had interested Jan Haubelt at that time maybe more intuitively then intelectualy. But why is the problem of representation so important for contemporary thinking, that an author is devoting to it all his attention? If we step away from an essential fact, that representation is in the essence of all arts, artistic transcription, translation or construction, we may see, that representation is also a key strategy of contemporary society, or more precisely a key strategy of a free market, which has then embedded representation as a key strategy also to politics as an authority of public affairs. Politics therefore consist rather then of a real managment of society and state of a chain sequence of representations. For this reason might be interesting for us to observe the fundaments and schemes of the modes of seeing, imagining and representing to understand them in their certain development and inter-relations so that we would be able to interpret their alegorical layer.

Edith Jeřábková (curator)



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